“I had a huge issue in my small business space due to water damage after heavy rains. We tried everything ourselves but with very little results. Guys, you came in here and achieved the unimaginable. My staff and I could not believe the difference (our carpets are even cleaner now than before the flood!) I could not believe how quickly the team managed to complete the job, with only a small break in our usual office routine. I highly recommend this service to any fellow-businesses with similar problems.”  – Sifiso Mbanda


“I run a small but busy foster home for abandoned cats and to be honest, I rely on this company so much it’s crazy. I have to maintain a hygienic and clean area at all times and there’s no way one can stop a bunch of small kittens climbing over couches and having the odd accident on carpet corners. If it weren’t for these gentlemen I would have to have my upholstery and carpets replaced all the time! Thank you to my reliable and friendly regular pro-team for always going the extra mile for us!” – Kathy Taute


“Our family moved into a new house about two months ago and of course, we thought that although the carpets were not clean, we couldtake on the task ourselves. In a nutshell, we were faced with more than we could handle and for the first time ever in my life I called this company in to try and save what seemed to be a pointless recovery. I cannot say I have been more impressed with any home-service ever – not only do our carpets appear to be almost new, the damp smell that comes with an old home is gone. I will use them again and again – and everyone should!” – Vernon Bezuidenhuit


“There is nothing worse than buying a new lounge suite and by the second week, an entire pot of coffee manages to find its way onto (and into) it. Guys, thank you for saving my couch (and consequently my marriage!) Your speed and friendliness are unequalled – and at an amazing price too. Wow and wow!” – Danny Stafilos